Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I finally have access to a computer so I can post more than 150 characters, Yay!!
So this is the first week of the weight loss challenge. I am doing pretty good so far. I did try to eat some Tilapia today, it was not so good. I tried this seafood rub seasoning on it, but it didnt help. I will keep trying, I'm sure there is some kind of fish that I will like.
I am in such a funky mood, I'm not sure why, I cant seem to sleep, I am covered in hives all over my arms.


  1. LOL I was wondering why your entries were always so short!

  2. Try making a foil pocket. Place the tilapia in it with some broccoli, smother in lemon (cilantro is awesome here too) and bake until flakey. I ate totally without salt, oil, fat (except for what's naturally occuring) for 9 months and love talipia from costco!