Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge

I have been doing these weight loss challenges, my second challenge came to an end this past week. I have mixed emotions regarding it. I was very distracted this time around due to my insane life, and family issues. So I didn't really apply myself as well as I could have.

First let me give you a little info about the challenge. It is a 12 week program, The cost is $35 to join. We have weekly weigh-in meetings/classes. If you miss any classes, you have to pay $5 per missed class, and if you gain weight, you have to pay $1 per pound. All of the money collected (minus any administrative/supplies fees) is paid out to the top 5 participants. The person who loses the highest % wins 50% of money, second places wins 30% and third place wins 20%. Prize money is also paid out to the person who loses the most inches, and the most amount of pounds. Sounds simple enough right?

Okay, well I have come in 5th place yet again, for losing the most pounds. I don't really have a chance at winning because I have so much to lose. I lost 25 lbs this challenge, which worked out to be 9.6%, the winner won $350.00, and she lost 16 lbs, which worked out to be like 13 or 14%.

I should be so excited for losing what I did, I lost 34 inches and lost 25 lbs in 12 weeks, and for about 7 weeks of that time, My father was in the hospital so I really didn't work out, and lets face it, the hospital cafeteria ironically, does not have the healthiest of food choices. So why am I being so hard on myself.

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  1. Youre being hard on yourself because like you said, you feel like you didnt apply yourself as well as you could have...Well thats YOUR opinion!

    Look how far you have come though! You should be proud, no matter if you win or not! Do you vs you!

    You are well on your way, did you ever think youd make it even this far?